Power Book III Raising Kanan Premiere Recap Raq Rocks Our World Grade It!. Power Book III Raising Kanan the main character’s mother, Raquel may have been a better choice for franchise fans looking for a Ghost and Tommy prequel.

Raq establishes herself as a woman and mother not to be trifled with from the minute she gives her pudgy toddler a sock full of batteries to stave off playground bullies in the season opener, which premiered Sunday night on Starz. The drug queen pin, smoking a cigarette and wearing a stunningly stylish fur-trimmed green jacket, keeps an eye on her little kid to ensure that the knowledge she gives is carried out.

Raq tries to shift gears later when Kanan has grown into an intelligent high school student with limitless options ahead of him. Kanan’s principal and she want him to test into an exclusive magnet school, which would guarantee him admission to a renowned institution. Raq points out that she has trained Kanan how to defend himself on the streets. Now that he’s 15, in 1991, her harsh love may be able to assist her offspring exceed his parents and aim for greater and larger stars by pushing the family’s Jamaica, Queen’s street knowledge to uncharted territory. Raq wants Kanan to be both books smart and street smart, but most importantly, crime-free.

Children are more likely to do what they observe than what they are told, which is why Kanan rebels against Raq’s intentions. Kanan not only purposely fails the test, but he also tries to reestablish his mother’s street reputation by reclaiming a corner inside her drug-selling boundary. The only problem is that, unbeknownst to Kanan, Raq had arranged a peace agreement with her business competitor Nique in which he would receive that same corner plus a few more.

To make matters worse, the kid Kanan shoots and kills is also his romantic competitor for Davina, the girl Kanan has had a crush on for years. None of this makes the murder any easier to accept for the adolescent who had never killed anybody before. Kanan’s hasty and lethal decision also causes a slew of problems, ranging from a drive-by assassination attempt to increasing friction between Raq and Nique and their now-defunct peace treaty. It’s time to go to battle.

By the end of the episode, Raq must realize that there are no halfway crooks. Even though she wishes for more for her kid, she believes that if she teaches him the proper way to be a criminal, he would survive and flourish. Power fans will also get to witness Kanan and Jukebox as cousin-siblings who love and support one another despite the odds. This is particularly poignant and tragic since, as an adult, Kanan is the one who murders Jukebox, his first and only best friend.

Aside from a stellar soundtrack, other premiere highlights include Raq dating a dude straight out of Shemar Moore’s look book and Raq sending a message to a haughty club manager who talked down to her by having her younger brother Lou-Lou microwave the woman’s lapdog, The Godfather’s horse beheading. Because make no mistake, Raq is Vito Corleone as a stunning Black lady, and Kanan is her Michael.

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