NO, LIL UZI VERT IS NOT DEAD: 27 CLUB THEORY EXPLAINED!. Videos on social media suggest that the rapper will die at the age of 27. Several reasons for this, including Vert’s 2016 declaration, had everyone persuaded that Vert would join others in the 27 Club.

It is stated that he will leave this planet at the age of 27, according to the video.

After his interview was broadcasted, this clip of his was utilized to create additional videos. After learning that he had risked his life to get an implanted diamond in his forehead, the rapper’s followers were sure he was serious.

In light of the circumstances, supporters believed Vert was serious throughout the interview.

What is the 27 Club:

A list of famous musicians who died at the age of 27 may be found in the “27 Club.” Rolling Stone reports that the phrase became famous following Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994. Others, like Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and Brian Jones, also died at the age of 27.

In 2011, after Amy Winehouse died at the same age, this fad gained greater traction. Because of this, Vert’s name was dragged into the debate. The 27 clubs is not mentioned in his most recent statements.

Also included circulating rumors was the Grammy-nominated singer’s overdose at a Los Angeles hotel. The reported image contained a watermark that said “” which indicated that it was false.


Lil Uzi’s Response:

When the video resurfaced on social media in November 2020, Vert broke his silence after years of silence.

He Tweeted:

“I let this go for so long I never said I was gonna die. Don’t you know leave this earth is a term for taking DMT. I thought I was gonna really be one of those High ass Ni**s at 27 ……. SAY NO TO DRUGS !!!!!”

Meanwhile, Vert disclosed his 26th birthday on July 28.

The rapper tweeted: “Wait wtf I’m turning 26??? My mom found my birth certificate. 26 and I feel good.”

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