One china policy of the United States

One China is the name of the policy that the United States has designed to ease the increasingly tense economic and political situations. It is a policy that took place in Taiwan. This policy is formulated for formal diplomatic ties between the United States and Beijing.

Joint Communique

The US-PRC joint communique explained the contours of the policy in December 1978. According to this communique, the united states and the people’s republic of china recognized each other and thought to form diplomatic relations on January 1, 1979. The United States agreed to recognize the sole legal government of china. In addition, the United States also said they would maintain relations with Taiwan culturally, commercially, and with other personal ties with the people of Taiwan. This one China policy of the United States acknowledges that there is one China and Taiwan is part of China. In terms of practicality, we would say the US keeps official relations with China and unofficial connections with the people of Taiwan.

Taiwan relation act

The United States and the People’s Republic of China posted their ambassadors to each other’s capital in 1979. The US Congress passed the Taiwan relation act. The TRA documents dictate that the US will stand with the Republic of China only when the future of the people of Taiwan will be solved by peaceful means.

American Institute in Taiwan 

Maintaining the facade of unofficial ties, the act established the American Institute in Taiwan in the form of a governmental organization. The American Institute in Taiwan is working as a defacto US embassy in Taiwan.

When the communist party won the civil war in china in 1949, the party decided to make Taipei, Taiwan, the capital of china. Beijing became the capital of china when the people’s republic of china was established. 

Few countries recognized the People’s republic of china8. It was 1979 when the united states recognized the PRC.

ping-pong diplomacy

With the help of ping-pong diplomacy in 1971, in which both the countries exchanged their players o table tennis, relations among the nations walked toward diplomacy. Exchanging of these players gave ignition of diplomacy between us and china, and the US excepted one china policy.

According to the premier published din the brooking institutions, the one china policy of the united states is not the same as the One china principle of the People’s republic of china.

One china policy says the united states acknowledge all Chinese who live on either side of the Taiwan strait to keep control of the strait and that Taiwan is part of China. It also claims that the united statuses do not challenge that position.


This policy contains more elements, such as a peaceful process of cross-strait dispute further read about this article, you can visit this website.