Simone Biles’ withdrawal Reminds us that She’s Human and Still very Much the GOAT. As soon as Simone Biles recognized that anything was odd, she pulled out of the competition.

Despite feeling the world’s weight on her shoulders, Biles missed a vault and realized she wasn’t feeling like herself.

In the wake of Simone Biles’ decision to withdraw from the U.S. Olympic team’s finals due to her mental health, Hollywood, athletes, and politicians are rallying around the gymnast from the United States.

After one rotation in the team finals, the 24-year-old gold medallist and Tokyo 2021 participant withdrew from the tournament due to injury. In a statement released on Twitter, the U.S. gymnastics team announced Biles’ decision to retire. A medical problem has forced Simone Biles to withdraw from the team final. Medical clearance for future competitions will be determined, according to the statement.

Fans are aware that she was raised in foster care until her grandparents adopted her and her sister. It’s common knowledge that her brother was cleared of murder charges earlier this year—victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Nassar.

As a result of speaking out against abuse, she’s back at the Olympics, but that’s far from the only reason. Athletes who wish to participate in a safer atmosphere and those who have been abused are the focus of her advocacy. She’s a symbol of American women and women throughout the globe. She’s there to make them proud of her and to make them happy. In addition to attempting to wow her fellow Olympians, she’s also aiming to dazzle the globe in general.

During an interview with Today’s Hoda Kotb, Biles underlined that her decision to withdraw was not due to a specific medical ailment but rather to the mental stress associated with the expectations of her performance at the Olympics in London. As far as my health is concerned, I’m in good shape. She said, “I’m in great condition. When it comes to emotions, they change with the time of day and the occasion. Being a star at the Olympics isn’t an easy task.”

Her choice to create limits was emphasized by Chelsea Handler, a stand-up comedian. On the international stage, Simone Biles set a boundary for herself and her health. Superhuman power is on display in this act for all of us.

“Biles always cheering for her colleagues, even while taking care of herself, is one of the many graces that make her a genuine champion, forever and always,” said poet Amanda Gorman.

People who have been in Biles’ shoes say they know what it’s like to be the best at something while everyone is watching.

Her mental health is something many admirers can probably identify with, which is why Biles has given the U.S. and the globe a new hero to cheer for.

Biles’ time isn’t done yet. We hope she comes back stronger and better than ever.

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