St. Patrick’s Day Trends Worldwide – How is it Amid the Lockdown

    St. Patrick’s Day Trends Worldwide – How is it Amid the Lockdown

    St Patrick’s Day trends across the globe as the pandemic still prevails. This for sure restricts the people, especially the Christian-Irish communities and organizations all around the world to fully enjoy the holiday when the world is advised to celebrate the day virtually or to stay within household circles if going out.

    This one day of the year is dominated by green. From the symbolic shamrock to the green-colored beverages, everything looks appealing to the eyes. But how is the holiday celebrated worldwide when the world’s main health concern is still social distancing?
    Google celebrates this day by way of a Doodle with symbols of the Emerald Isle. The Doodle features symbols that represent Ireland’s diverse geography, architecture, and history and is illustrated by Dublin-based guest artist Arron Croasdell. He told Google that;

    “I want people to know that Ireland is more than just the stereotypes, it has a vibrant culture and landscape, as well as a thriving design and illustration scene.”

    Here is what the beautiful doodle tries to depict according to the artist:

    The letter “G” introduces us to Ireland’s green mountains, forests, and coastal lighthouses

    The “O” represents a traditional Irish ring called the Claddagh ring. Its symbols represent love (heart), loyalty (crown), and friendship (hands).

    The second “O” has a vase containing shamrock and other Irish wildflowers such as spring squill and crocuses

    The second “G” depicts some of the rivers that run through Ireland’s cities and towns

    And the “L” represents the island’s natural woodlands.

    The ending letter “E” is a Celtic Knot. The loops in the doodle represent Celtic beliefs of continuity.

    Since last year’s annual parade of celebrating the Irish culture and heritage caused the very first causalities in New York City, a vast online St Patrick’s Day is planned to reduce the chances of human contact as much as possible. The usual parade with floats and marching bands has also been canceled. Moreover, tourist activities are subdued and big businesses like restaurants will not be able to make big money.

    In many provinces of Canada too, the anti-pandemic restrictions are being followed strictly in order to cut down the spread of the novel virus.

    Meanwhile, in many countries, live television transmission and screen display are scheduled for the respective day.

    According to the legend of the patron, on this day Ireland got rid of the snakes. We are still not sure about the entire story’s legitimacy. Maybe the snakes were metaphoric but the virus in today’s world is real. If human beings remain careless and disobey all anti-pandemic limitations, chances are that this virus will continue to prevail globally for a long time. The world needs to get rid of the modern world’s serpent, that is, the pandemic itself.

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