Nature and Health – The Directly Proportional Variables

Nature and Health – The Directly Proportional Variables

To produce 1 centimeter of soil, can take us more than a millennium. According to the UN, we have already lost a third of the topsoil in the past 150 years. According to WWF, that up to 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation. And more than half of the world’s major aquifers and freshwater bodies are diminishing. This is the current world we live in.

Nature keeps us alive and vice versa. We are all aware of how nature can directly or indirectly affect our lives. Urbanization, resource depletion, and human negligence have led us to disastrous impacts on the environment. We cut trees and use CFCs. We stay unhygienic and do not respect social distancing protocols. Humanity is doing everything that defies the rules of nature. At the same time, we expect nature to save us.

Environmentalists and humanists think of effective ways by which nature can be protected. But unfortunately, these solutions are small and short in time and budget. Also, the flaws in environmental policymaking are unavoidable.

The comparison of solutions versus the damage done shows huge discrepancies. We can never know the cost of what we have lost until we realize what it truly meant for us.

Nature exposure is overrated in the sense of aesthetics. Nature concerns are overrated. Anti-environmental activities are taking place both on a larger and smaller scale. If health and environmental experts do not come up with a permanent solution, we will be deprived of all the natural resources in no time.

Awareness campaigns are big money for many business firms but the capitalist approach for saving nature will lead us nowhere. Protection of nature is selfless and empathetic in nature. It should never be derived from or influenced by political or capitalist purposes.  

According to WHO,

“More than one-third of the world’s land surface and nearly 75% of freshwater resources are devoted to crop or livestock production, yet the global food system still fails to provide millions of people with healthy, safe, affordable, and sustainable diets. Unhealthy diets have now become the single-most-important driver of mortality globally, accounting for nearly 11 million premature adult deaths annually.”

Natural resources are a reason why humanity is still having a healthy and wealthy life. The degradation of these resources is having adverse effects on the environment. The thought of losing even one of the natural resources is dreadful. Imagine a life without water. Where the world would be?

It is necessary to make mindful changes in policies to have a sustainable and friendly environment. In order to save ourselves, we need to reduce the overexploitation of resources. We are solely responsible for the ecological imbalance such as global warming. Efficient resource use is only achievable if sustainable development standards are defined and enforced. Proper environmental laws should be implemented and if needed, improvised. Only then we will be able to reverse what we have wasted.

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