The craze for likes, taking lives

Lives matter more than likes is trending everywhere on social media. This is trending due to a deadly wave sweeping away 5 persons at a beach in Oman. The jaw-dropping moment was caught on camera. In the video, three young women can be seen posing on the rocky shores of Oman’s Salalah Al Mughsail beach for taking photographs

Suddenly out of nowhere, a strong wave came and swept away 8 people. According to Gulf News, only three of them were rescued, while five of them are still missing. It further adds that the ex-pat Indian family was there to enjoy Eid Holidays. Sadly it turned into a tragedy for the family. Lust for likes took their lives. In this article, we will go through some other instances from the past of similar nature.

1. Thor moment

In July 2015, an unnamed English hiker was trekking through the hills of the National Park in Wales. Suddenly a bolt of lightning came and struck the selfie rod made of metal resulting in electrocuting the hiker. He was rescued by a helicopter. But it was too late. Despite the attempts of a Royal Marine cadet, the young man died. Though it has never been proven conclusively, hypothetically authorities say that the metal rod was very much responsible for attracting the electrical bolt.

TOPSHOT – A lightning bolt strikes near the Uruguayan Yacht Club during a thunderstorm in Montevideo early on November 16, 2021. (Photo by Mariana SUAREZ / AFP) (Photo by MARIANA SUAREZ/AFP via Getty Images)

2. Walrus playtime

A Chinese businessman named Lijun was a big fan of a half a ton walrus at a zoo in Liaoning province. He had taken many pictures with her and sent them to his friends, receiving a lot of likes from his friends. With a popular caption of “so strong, so big”. One fine day when he was on a visit to his walrus friend’s place he decided to take a close-up shot with him. Walrus had something different on his mind this time around. Walrus grabbed him and his trainer who had bred and fed the walrus from a young age and dragged them to a pool. 

Both Lijun and the trainer were drowned to death by the walrus. Walrus a giant had no intention of killing them rather she was just trying to play with them

3. Don’t play with fire

2 Russian soldiers performing their duties in the Ural Region of Siberia decided to show off a little bit. They opted for an adventure that will grab them some likes on social media. They decided to take a picture with a live grenade. But they were a bit short on luck that day and the grenade detonated unexpectedly. The explosives blew off everything but the phone with the photo somehow survived. This photo which they thought would grab them some likes,  was a recipe for their demise.

4. Selfie with the Bear

Prabhu Bhatara was a resident of the Indian state of Odisha. One day when he was returning from a wedding, he spotted a bear. Against the advice of his friends, he decided to take a selfie with the bear. Prabhu wanted to feed his followers with something amazing so that he can receive more likes. However, the bear had different ideas.

The bear which was of Himalayan origin grabbed him and mauled him. He didn’t let go and his strong claws and jaws were more than enough for a human. Prabhu died due to the injuries