Forever Purge follows a Mexican couple on the run from a drug cartel as they illegally enter the US to pursue a new life together. Still, at the same time, there appears to be a new trendy tradition on the rise known as the forever purge, in which those who partake in the purge refuse to stop once the event has ended. You know, I think these movies are starting to become a guilty pleasure for many people who like this genre and me.

“The Forever Purge,” the fifth installment in James DeMonaco’s grimly provocative franchise for horror mainstay Blumhouse Productions, continues the saga with an uprising of rogue purgers who take a government-sanctioned 12-hour killing spree to its logical conclusion, breaking the rules to wreak havoc on the entire country in the name of purity. There is no question that racism is fueling the perpetual purgers. “Assist us in purifying this nation once and for all,” a hooded goon asks before having his face blasted off.

It’s always the same formula so far with just a slight twist, and I think I’m okay with that. Still, you can tell filmmakers are running out of ideas like the illegal immigration part plays a pretty significant role in this film. They touch on many different groups having to put aside their differences to unify. Still, now that I think about it, that’s basically what every purge film has done so far.

At this point, it still makes me think, like, what if the damn purge actually happened one day? I think these films are really good at making the audience and viewers ask these questions because I’m sitting there feeling like, you know what would I do, where would I go. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t participate in the purge. I don’t think I would, but at the same time, you know, like many people that would.

I’m sure some individuals would take advantage of that. I’m not sure whether I know anyone in particular. Nonetheless, I’m sure there are individuals out there who would gladly take advantage of anything like that. Some of the past films in the series have really covered some of the topics that I’ve stated, such as individuals showing up at your job or being angry at someone you know. 

However, it’s still fascinating to debate. In my view, this specific episode in the series simply doesn’t really stick out to me. I used to really appreciate when they would bring back famous characters from prior flicks.

We are all aware of what happened to Ethan Hawk. Assume you’ve watched the movie spoiler alert. In that case, you already know what happens to his character since I’d be shocked if this is the last film, which I strongly doubt. Therefore I’m giving the eternal cleanse a six out of 10. It’s still a fun movie to see, especially if you’re already a fan of the franchise. You know, it essentially still delivers the same old action, tension, and excitement that you would get from seeing a lot of the previous films if you loved the other movies, but if you’re one of those individuals who never really cared for the purge films in the past, the forever is for you.

A Universal Pictures release, “The Forever Purge” opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, July 2.