Tabitha Brown Responds to Wendy Williams

wendy williams

If there’s one thing you can’t take away from Tabitha Brown, it’s her captivating smile. She kept it on as she reacted to Wendy Williams and a slew of other online critics who slammed her choice to retire her husband from the LAPD.

In case you missed it, Brown released a video over the weekend saying that after years of striving to make her Hollywood dreams come true, The Chi actress was finally doing so well that she could assist her husband, Chance Brown, in turning in his badge. It was an accomplishment she had written down years ago and told him she would accomplish, so it was evident that it was a time she wanted to celebrate and laud.

Williams, on the other hand, was not overjoyed with the news. On Thursday’s (July 1) broadcast of The Wendy Williams Show, she recognized Tabitha’s accomplishment as one of her Hot Topics. After seeing a portion of Tabitha’s film, she shook her head in disdain and brought up her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. The pair married in 1997, and Williams filed for divorce in 2019 after having an affair with another lady with whom he had a kid during the marriage.

“I used to be married to one of those. ‘I’m the one who makes money!’ and so on. ‘Go out there and live your dreams!’ Start a business! ‘Go, go, go!’ “We’ll see how it turns out,” she remarked. “I anticipate that this marriage will hit a snag soon. ‘Live your dream,’ they say… They could invest in something and then lose the money. They invest in something else, and the money is subsequently swindled or stolen. Then they reinvest, and he returns home and drops his suitcase. ‘What?’ she exclaims. What?’ And he says, ‘I can’t do it, and it’s all your fault.’ ‘You’re over here making your money and things, and you got me to quit my job.’

“No, you have a job!” Williams elaborated. “Being a cop was a huge part of his identity; he enjoyed it, but she said that to him.”

Tabitha became aware of what was stated after receiving many phone calls concerning Williams’ remarks. Instead of responding negatively, she conveyed love to the talk show host in an IGTV video, as motivational speaking is vital to the star’s brand. She stated unequivocally that Chance is not a Kevin Hunter.

“Wendy, I can’t imagine how much agony you must be in to feel this way, honey; I’m so sorry. But listen to what I’m about to say. I’ve been married to my spouse for 23 years, and we’ve been broke for a long time. They struggled for a long time together. “We’ve had a lot of success together in the previous several years,” she added.

She went on to say that Chance accepted his position with the LAPD to support her ambition and provide for their family. As she said in her first video, they agreed that she would ultimately remove him out of the force when she made it so he could follow his ambitions.

“I was his dog in the battle, and he believed in me, and we did it together for the previous 15 years,” she added, emphasizing how much her husband loved his job and had created it himself. “I did it every year with him in the LAPD, and he did it every year with me, but not in the entertainment sector. But God has blessed me… I’ve been praying about this for a long time, and it’s finally come true. That is God’s might at work. It is also the power of allowing God to take precedence in your marriage. That is how it will continue to be effective; we will keep Him first. In our marriage, he comes first. God, not money, business, or success. He’s the first.”

Tabitha explained that she wants Chance to keep coaching children and building his organization, doing the things he is passionate about, and that keeps him safe. She kept her enthusiasm for the next chapter for him and hoped that the host would one day feel the same way. Nothing about it was sleazy; it was a genuine message of kindness and compassion.

She then sent a word of encouragement to Wendy, who was newly dating Mike Esterman. “I pray that someone will love you enough to see you when you are not doing well, when you need genuine support, when you need compassion, and when you need kindness,” she added. “I hope someone loves you enough to give their life for you. I wish that you discover that kind of love so you can understand why I don’t want my husband to put his life on the line anymore, wearing a bulletproof vest if he doesn’t have to and if it’s not his desire.”