Things Artificial technologies Is Getting Better at Doing

The world is not stopping introducing new artificial technologies. Due to changes in the world, there are also new horrors. Sometimes it seems that these horrors are an offshoot of conspiracy theories. Other times, they could be horror in the future.

Those inspired by technology think technology should prevail in looking for a better future. With the introduction of the internet of things, you can handle all equipment on your smartphone. When we talk about security technicians, they wished for birth in the neolithic.

While technology is making life easier than ever, people are thinking about their old things with the new ones. They are ignoring the risk ahead in the future.

Self-driving cars driving us to destinations as smoothly as life in the future attracts too many customers and investors. Those who have witnessed the industry closely suggest that it is not yet ready for prime time. 

The Smart Pillow

A lot of people are suffering from apnea and other sleep problems. You can now use smart pillows that help you to sleep. It means artificial technology is also helping you remain healthy as well as what is wrong with applying this technology in other treatments. It is good when you are sleeping, but what if you are awakening and he still tries to make you sleep? We should also consider other factors.


Self-driving cars look too attractive. But are these sensors which are controlling your vehicle compatible with human intelligence? A single failure of the sensor can lead you to the worst fatality. Replacing formal vehicles with self-driving vehicles can not be done by this time. You can better understand this by watching the video. After watching this one can easily say that it is not safer than a human by any factor.

Chip implant

The chip implant is another hallmark of artificial intelligence technology. This is injected inside the human body. An electronic device in the shape of a chip can be implanted in the brain of human beings via the blood vessels. These microchips can also be inserted inside the body under the skin between the thumb and index finger in humans. It has an identification number unique to how your information is transferred to the scanner.

Weapons technology

Besides these advantages, artificial technology is also giving the option to perform bad things. There is a story about artificial intelligence that has suggested more than 40000 different types of chemical weapons within six hours. So before making any advancements further in technology, we should keep in our view the hazards and devastations that it can do in the future.

There are positives and negatives to technology. It can make our life miserable too. It’s up to us how we want to use it.