World edging towards an ‘accidental’ nuclear war

After the cold war ended, a cartoon published by Jack Zigler, captured the optimism of the end of the cold war. That cartoon represented an executive who was sitting in his office. When the worker entered the office with the bomb with fins, the executive said, would you like to bring that bomb over here? And the worker did it. Then the executive slipped it into the outbox. That picture of putting the nuclear bomb in the outbox was a relief sign for the world. That a new era of cooperative development had started between the two world powers.

Fear of world war 3

The fear of the nuclear wars that had been looming on the head of the world receded. Everyone hoped that although everyone had a nuclear bomb, they would still exist but no longer be the topic of discussion in international politics about war. After the cold war, it had been declared by Mikhail, a union’s leader at that time, that the risk of global nuclear war had now practically vanished. 

Today, after thirty years have passed, the nuclear bomb is back in inbox. Fear of nuclear war due to rising tension between the United States and Russia returned with the intention of vengeance. Brutal invasion of Russia in Ukraine, the world has been alarmed, constantly about the threat of nuclear war between the two rivals. This could be stated in accident or miscalculation. No one can predict the devastation of the world if war starts by any one of them. 

Harsh truths and devastation of the nuclear war come into mind when the issue of nuclear war is discussed on the news channels by experts. The protection of nuclear weapons also has some limits on deterrence. In a crisis, all the chances of protection can fail because deterrence is vulnerable. so we need to avoid nuclear war.

Protection from atomic bomb

After the first decade of world war, two political leaders who were at the helm of world affairs feared that the world could face nuclear war again. The destruction that Japan had witnessed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was vulnerable. In American society, it has spreaded that nuclear war will be started at any time. Many buildings of the cold war era, that had been built from fallout, were rebuilt to have basements to give a safe place if a nuclear war happens in the world between these rivals. US civil defence had included in their civil defence drills how we can be safe from nuclear vulnerability. Duck and cover is the basic strategy to avoid becoming a victim of the nuclear bomb instead of running toward the window to have a look into the vicinity.


No one knows what is inside Putin’s head. But the worry of war has put Putin in a bad condition. Putin might reach out to use tactical nuclear weapons. These weapons can be used on the battlefield for strategic purposes. These are still tremendously destructive thermonuclear weapons that are as vulnerable as a little man in the second world war.

The world should settle this dispute on the table otherwise the world can witness another vast devastation.