I think Bournemouth beach is just stunning. Soft sand, gentle waves, and incredible views. It’s a great place for so many activities. Whether that be water sports, sunbathing, a family picnic, or doing yoga. Another great thing is the location! There are lots of shops, restaurants, and fun things for the family just a 1-2 minute walk away, and it is among one of the best beaches in England.

bournemouth beach england open

As there is a Spring bank holiday and the weather is improving this weekend and highs of up to 20°C, our Bournemouth beach will hopefully be full of people safely enjoying the sun, sea, and sand. Some people (like myself) organize a picnic with wine, sandwiches, sweets, etc. – with my family, friends, colleagues, or just for myself to spend some time in the privacy of my mind or admire a sunset/sunrise or watch the clouds and think what they look like – of course, if you are that kind of person who can be interested in such pastime. Some People will love to sit in the dark by the fire with a guitar or lie on the sand looking at the stars – and think about your past, your present, and future. Usually, People enjoy sitting at Bournemouth beach, listening to the waves crash, watching the sunset, allowing our busy mind to calm down, riding a scooter, boat, a horse along the Bournemouth beach, flying a kite, and so on.

People love to interact with Bournemouth beaches not just because of general enjoyment; there are also significant health benefits to spending time at the beach.

  • Getting rid of stress.
  • Soaking up tons of Vitamin D.
  • The beach offers all of the benefits of exercise.
  • Sand is a natural exfoliant.
  • A better night’s sleep.

Usually, people avoid going to the water at Bournemouth beach. But if I have planned it, I would wear my shorts and get into chest-deep water and hate to come out till the rest of the family threatens to leave me behind. If it is an unplanned visit, I will roll up my pant sleeves as high as it will go and walk into the water.

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