Katie Thurston: What Will The Bachelorette Producers Do Now? Greg, a 28-year-old marketing sales employee from New Jersey, has been the front-runner on this season of The Bachelorette since the very first episode. As a result of Katie’s initial impression, she chose Greg for the first one-on-one date and a second one. In every episode, Greg has been presented as the Good Guy, in contrast to season villains like Thomas, the real estate broker. The latter made the mistake of declaring he wanted to be the Bachelor. Last night, I thought that he would “win” the program and propose to Katie that the other contestants would be unable to compete.

Katie Thurston: Former bartender Blake introduced Katie to his mock bar. They drank maple syrup shots and threw darts at a balloon-covered board, including dares, questions, and answers. Finally, they played street hockey to top off their evening together.

Greg admitted to Katie that he was in love with her and that she was the one thing that had made him happy since his father’s death. In keeping with her commitment, Katie told Greg, who was crying, “I love looking at you.” But wait, what?

Greg confronted Katie the next day about her inadequate response to his proclamation of love, and things continued to deteriorate. In her role as the show’s paid-to-lead, Katie stuck to the rules and told Greg that he was the “front runner” and would receive a rose, but she didn’t tell him she loved him. Greg pleaded with her, shedding angry tears, to throw aside the conventions and be “true.” It took Greg several tears, a few miscommunications, and at the pursuit of Katie’s down a fluorescent-lit staircase before Greg shared that he was quitting the show and Katie with it.

So, what happens next, exactly? The idea that Katie will wind up with any of the two remaining contestants is unlikely to thrill viewers. A 26-year-old investment sales consultant named Justin looks like a lovely guy. Still, his family is plainly opposed to him appearing on the show, and Katie was visibly annoyed by their lack of involvement. 

Standing in for Justin’s parents were two of his close friends, who noticed his and Katie’s obvious chemistry.  Still, they were concerned that Justin’s reluctance to be vulnerable, coupled with the fact that two other men are vying for Katie’s heart, could leave their buddy with a broken heart.

On the other hand, Blake is a Canadian whose most outstanding feature is his dedication to appearing on television. In the past season of The Bachelorette, he dated Clare and Tayshia. It’s hard to recall a season of The Bachelorette or The Bachelor that ended with such little hope for romance.

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