What’s going on in the Middle East

There are multiples around the world and in the Middle East, but few of them have discussed what has become a top trend worldwide. 

Masha Amini

Masha Amini was on a trip to enjoy her moments of life. But who knows their fortune? She was accused of wearing immodest clothes, and morality police arrested her for violating this law. This incident took place on September 13, 2022.

Some of the witnesses of this incident have said that authorities have beaten her in vain. The 22-year-old victim had been taken to the reeducation center, where she took her final breath on September 16.

However, Iranian authorities claimed she had a heart attack and passed away. They also said that Misha Amini’s pre-arrest health was not good. Misha Amni was in a coma at the time of her death. 

This incident has struck a weak nerve in Iran. Most of the people in Iran have rejected the clothing laws in Iran. The death of  Masha Amini has led the people of Iran to protest across Iran. Furthermore, many governmental websites got hacked, and many women have cut their hair to let their protests be recorded. Many of the women have burnt their headscarves. All these incidents went viral across various social media platforms and have become the headlines of various news channels worldwide. In addition, several people who were present in the protest got killed. 

Shireen Abu Akleh Middle East

On the other hand, an independent investigation of the killing of Al Jazeera’s correspondent Shireen Abu Akhleh tore another piece of the Israeli narrative. This investigation has revealed that an Israel Military sniper has fired 16 shots in the three bursts over the two minutes. So, the claims of this accidental death are somewhat suspicious.

Lebanon, a country in the Middle East

Have you ever heard that those who rob others get famous and recognized as national heroes? I hope I have not heard such type of news ever before. But this has happened in Lebanon, a country in the Middle East. Several people have robbed several banks but are gaining respect as heroes. Those who back them make excuses that they are getting their money back. It truly does not make sense in the right way. This happens when the country suffers from an economic crisis and restrictions on withdrawal from banks. For further detail, you can listen to the interview with Sali Hafiz

Does patriotism come only when you have to defend your borders against foreign intrusion? You must remain a patriot when the country suffers from an economic crisis and during natural disasters, which will fortify the country at length.

Digital currency’s  Story in the Middle East

Digital currency in the form of cryptocurrency has reportedly gone boom and bust. However, Iran is still planning to launch its digital currency, which they have named the digital rial. They have an idea behind it of moving fintech forward. But most people still doubt whether this currency will have privacy or if it will have any economic benefit.