Abu Akleh killing: 100 days on, family still fighting for justice

Shireen Abu Akleh was a brave Palestinian-American journalist. She worked for Al Jazeera, an Arabic Language channel, for twenty-five years. She had a good reputation in journalism, for she had worked across the Middle East and performed her duties for decades in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories. 

Life and Education

She was born in Jerusalem on April 3, 1971. Her mother’s relatives who lived in New Jersey, America, helped Akleh to get citizenship in America. She was left with her only brother when her parents died. After completing her secondary education at Rosary’s sister high school in Beit Hanina, she got admission to Jordan university of science and technology to complete her matriculation. Abu akleh wanted to become a  journalist and so she was admitted to Yarmouk university Jordan, and returned to Palestine after graduation.


Abu akleh had been working as a field correspondent at al Jazeera since 1997. She had raised herself in the list of best journalists on Aljazeera. Living and working in east Jerusalem, she covered events related to incidents like the second intifada. In addition, she also had a responsibility to protect Israeli politics. During various operations in the Gaza strip, she covered most events, including the Battle of Jenin in 2002. She had also interviewed long-term prisoners at shikma prison in 2005 when the first arm journalist got permission to get inside. While working there, she often mentioned that she had received threats from the Israeli defense force and armed Israeli settlers. In her interview, she talked about the accusation of Israeli forces about the photography of security areas. 

 Despite all these difficulties, this brave journalist continued her work on Aljazeera and was killed there in 2022. Abu Akleh, at the time of the killing, was learning Hebrew to understand and communicate better the narratives of Israeli media, and in recent times she got a diploma in digital media.

Her live telecasting about the cruelties of Israeli forces inspired most Palestinians to become journalists. She was well known for the live telecasting of events. After her death, the times of Israel distinguished her by saying, a veteran journalist.

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Death of  Shireen Abu Akleh

A Palestinian health minister announced her death on 11 May 2022. She was covering the raid in Jenin camp. According to a witness of Aljazeera, she was shot dead by the Israeli defense force. Most people accused this killing of a deliberate move to shut the voices against the oppression of Israeli forces on innocent and unarmed Palestinians. Abu Akleh was shot in the head by Israeli defense forces. 


It has been hundred days since Shireen Abu Akhle, a veteran journalist, was killed, but the family has not yet received justice. Her family calls the US government to take action to move forward with an independent investigation. Thousands of people gathered to attend the funeral of this brave journalist. Outrage over Abu Akleh’s death was felt by many. According to Al Jazeera, Abu Akleh’s murder was perpetrated “in cold blood” and was a “horrifying crime that violates international rules.”

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