What is behind the UK’s ‘summer of strikes’ 2022? 

The railway staff of Britain went on strike last Thursday. There have been a series of strikes, but the railway staff’s strike is the latest. It once again disrupted the daily routine of many commuters and leisure travelers. A high inflation rate for decades has hit salaries and pushed people to prompt walkouts across various industries.

These strikes will be repeated by the railway staff on Saturday. It is a part of a series of a summer of strike action. Railway and others are part of this strike which the united kingdom has not witnessed since the 1980s under former prime minister Margaret Thatcher. 

There have been rising concerns about not raising salaries, and there are no signs of resolution of these disputes. Furthermore, people became more conscious after hearing exacerbated news this week that the united kingdom has been experiencing a 10 percent inflation rate in July for the first time since 1982.

The cost of living has been surging due to war in Ukraine and some extent, post-Brexit policies. War in Ukraine has affected the global market, increasing energy and food prices.

‘Defend jobs 

Dockers at Felixstowe, Britain’s freight port, have also decided to strike. It has scheduled an eight-day stoppage from Sunday. Banks envisaged that inflation would rise to 13 percent, which sounds alarming for those at the helm because the waves of industrial action could continue in autumn. These conditions are leading the economy into a deep and long-lasting recession. People of different sectors have decided to unite under one flag to strike in defense of their jobs. 

Pay deals

Many planned strikes stopped because some unions and companies agreed on settlements at the eleventh hour. Some, like ground staff and plane refuelers at Heathrow British airways airports, have decided to scrap the proposed walkouts, while others are firm in their narratives and have decided to strike. More than 115,000 workers of the postal department decided to walk out at the end of August for four days. 

In the 35 yeast period, BT, a telecom giant, will face its first stoppage. Most experts have analyzed the situation and envisaged sector-wide strikes that can last beyond the summer as inflation continues rising.

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According to Aljazeer

According to Aljazeera, British is not the only country that has been facing the crisis of high inflation, but this problem will last long in the UK than in any other country.


Rising energy prices in different parts of Europe are due to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. However, there are chances that in the future, there will be more chances that prices will continue to descend. The two candidates to become Britain’s next prime minister have been under pressure to say what they will do to help. Working with energy companies, he would try his best to lower the risen prices, said the foreign minister. 

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