Save on back-to-school using five apps

It is understood that kids are always excited about going back to school after the vacations are over and that they want to buy pretty much anything to take with them to school. This can often go above the limit of the budget when there isn’t enough money and at that very moment, you think to yourself to have some sort of magic that you just swirl in the air and have some cash back or saving on that budget. 

Well for your convenience, this is not a problem anymore. This article will lead you to have these 5 amazing apps that you can use to save on that money when it’s back-to-school time.


Budgeting is a crucial life skill that students will carry with them into the real world. Unsplurge is one strategy to reduce your spending and optimize your savings. The iOS software allows users to create savings goals ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. The interactive charts illustrate how close you are to reaching a goal and how many days you’ve been saving in a row. The distinctive news feed structure displays users’ friends’ objectives and progress.


You might not always know where to seek great savings. TUN, which stands for The University Network, guides students to the finest offers and special discounts. TUN, which is available for iOS and Android, locates nearby eating, shopping, fitness, and other student offers on Google Maps. The program gives users points for each deal they use, which they can then redeem for freebies like haircuts, dinners, and fitness courses.


Mint is another excellent software for staying on top of your finances. The software, which is accessible on practically every platform, lets you view your bank account and track and manage your spending. The software will also provide recommendations on where and how to save money based on how much you spend in different areas.


Now you can do textbook buying and sell with Titto software that connects you with textbooks without requiring you to visit the school bookstore or an internet wholesaler. Available on iOS, each book costs only a few dollars each month, a steal when compared to other publications, such as the newest version of one math textbook, which happens to be costly sometimes. Billing and postal information is saved for future use by the app. The best thing about this app is that there are no deadlines or late fines.

Opera Max

Opera Max helps you get up to 50% more out of your monthly data plan if you’re on a data budget. If you pay $40 per month for a 1GB data plan and use Opera Max, you may use up to 1.5 GB per month for the same price. The app has a unique timeline and at-a-glance view of data consumed and saved, which helps you understand which applications you’re using and conserving data on and when. The app can be downloaded free from Google Play Store.