The Return of Fascism in Italy

La delegazione del GRUPPO PARLAMENTARE “FRATELLI D’ITALIA” DEL SENATO DELLA REPUBBLICA E DELLA CAMERA DEI DEPUTATI,in occasione delle consultazioni (foto di Francesco Ammendola - Ufficio per la Stampa e la Comunicazione della Presidenza della Repubblica)

After world war 2, suffrage in Italians could bring the country’s most right-wing government to power. The previous government of the outgoing prime minister collapsed in July. Its collision was triggered because of the election campaign. Sunday’s elections happened based on the energy crisis, widespread disillusionment, and what would be the stance of Italy regarding the policy of the European Union.

Views of the public about elections 

A retiree Mainella Faccioli, 75, has told al Jazeera that she hoped something would change for the better she was not very confident. She said all this after casting her ballot at a polling station in central Rome.  

Andrea Cocitanti, 25, said that if she had had a better choice, she would never have voted for what she did it now. She told Aljazeera that the people of Italy needed to change, but every time they selected a ruler, it turned out to be the wrong selection. She also believed that none other than the ruling class is the issue.

Slimming down the parliament 

To slim down the parliament from the population of Italy, 50 million voters were eligible to pick up the representatives to rule them. The parliament is constituted of 200 members of the Senate and 400 for the chambers of Deputies.

What survey says 

According to the last survey published before a pre-election ban on September 10, Giorgia Meloni, leader of the far-right party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), has been dominating the campaign, polling at 25 percent.  If she becomes the prime minister, she will be the first woman after world one. She will als0 be the only one after to lead the country who would be from the far right-wing coalition. 

The primary purpose of the coalition was to stop immigration flows, renegotiate the strategy to utilize the recovery funds the country would get from the EU, cut taxes, and cancel a poverty relief scheme primarily popular in the south.  

Fiery speeches 

Those at the helm of the far-right coalition delivered furious speeches against the EU and international financial markets and generated a wave in the hearts and minds of the people of Italy that these policies are against the national interest of Italy.

Discord in the coalition

In contrast, the coalition also looks divided over the policy of Italy toward Russia. Unlike Meloni, who has supported sanctions against Moscow, Salvini was of the view that they should reconsider this move. 


Itlay is heading towards a new election every one wants to participate in selecting the leader of their choice as democracy has given this right. On the other side, leaders of the political parties have spread their narrative about the governance of Italy. But it seems that the coalition of far right-wing will rise as a success in the end. Most people have put their trust in Georgia Meloni this time.