Western political philosophers 

Western Political Thought

Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Rousseau was a political leader who made his life the subject of his writing. He took birth in Geneva in 1712. His father was a clockmaker who had taken care of him, as his mother died in his childhood. His father put great stress on his education. He wrote a book named the confessions. He had read classical Greek and Roman literature in his childhood. His philosophy reveals the periphery of the general will and social contract theory.

Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes was born in England on April 5, 1588, and died in 1679 on December 4. He was best known for his political thoughts. Leviathan is his best book. He believed that the government is the ultimate protector of its citizens. He believed in the theory of materialism. He regarded motion and matter as the cause of continuity of history. He tried his best as political philosophers to remove anarchy from society. 

John Locke

John Locke was also a British philosopher; he was born in 1632 and died in 1704. His essay concerning human understanding is a great defender of modern empiricism. John Locke grew in the most extraordinary century in English and political history. He had grown up in a time when there were a lot of issues between the government and the citizens in England. He witnessed the civil war between PROtestants Anglicans and Catholics in 1640. The death of Charles 1 allowed its people. He also was witness to the glorious revolution that happened in 1688 in England. Due to these situations, John Locke gave his political theory to restore peace in society.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx, well known political philosopher, was born in 1818 and was a famous philosopher, economist, author, and social theorist. He has been widely known because of his theories of capitalism and communism. He published the communist Manifesto in 1848. Later on, he also wrote das kapital whose first edition was published in berlin 186 in this he discussed the labour theory of value. He died in 1883.

Vladimir Lenin 

Vladimir Lenin was born in 1870 in Russia and was a communist leader inspired by the revolutionary movement. Vladimir Lenin was also the head of the Bolshevik party and rose to the top position during the Russian revolution in 1917. He was one of the most explosive politicians in the twentieth century. He had removed the Romanov dynasties and imperialism that had been ruling for centuries. Bolsheviks became the ruling party of the Soviet Union and Lenin became the party head of the world’s first communist state.

John Stuart Mill

John Stuart mill took birth on May 20, 1806, in London, England. He has worked on empiricism and gave his theory and writing about empiricism. He was the eldest son of a famous historian, philosopher, and economist, James mill. His father was strict in matters of discipline and educated his son himself. At the age of eight, he started teaching the members of the younger children of his family. He learned history and geometry at a younger age.